We take a box,

fill it with

creative goodness

& drop it on your doorstep

each month

DIY craft white and gold macrame wall hanging
Craft at home white pottery cups

The Makers Revolution kicks the 24/7 demands of the digital world to the curb.

It says NO to mass produced and YES to slower living.

Make room each month to feed your creative soul. Take time out by yourself or get your tribe together to create, make, weave, sew, paint, print and get-your-hands-dirty.


A monthly subscription forces us to STOP and SLOW DOWN each and every month. A box of creativity, curated just for you, inspiring you to explore new crafts, learn new techniques, use new tools is the start of the makers revolution.


Supporting our maker community and small business is the cornerstone to our business. So too are practical, sustainable, environmentally sensitive products.

My maker's story started during long hot school holidays spent perched over my grandmother's treadle sewing machine in outback NSW. Reams of fabric off cuts, macrame pot plant holders, crocheting, knitting ... each holiday bought a new craft.


Whether you are starting your crafting journey or adding to your story, join us each month at the Makers Revolution.


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