Junior eco-Maker Box

Junior eco-Maker Box


A staple box of eco-friendly 'making and creating' for little people.


The kit includes:

Eco crayons - 6 x 100% plant based, non-toxic, vegan and biodegradable crayons. Handmade in Australia from 100% natural ingredients, waxes and butters, and colour pigments derived from plants, roots, seeds and flowers.


Eco paints - 8 x 50g plant-based powered paints including black, brown, purple, blue, green, red, orange and yellow. Each kit makes up to 1.5L of gluten free paint.

Kit includes - 1x vegan bristle birch paint brush and compostable mixing containers, spoons and stirrers.


Newspaper pencils - 12 x coloured pencils manufactured from recycled newspaper.


Assorted craft materials including paddle pop sticks, recycled paper plates, paper mache boxes, paper straws, paper string.


Suitable for ages 4-9 years old.


No packaging, environmentally-friendly products. Free delivery (Aust).

We Take A Box.

Fill it with Creative Goodness &

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